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Friday, July 19, 2013

How to be stupid

John Hayward |
Scientists spend a lot of time studying intelligence, and arguing over how it can be measured. They should invest more effort in studying stupidity. Intelligence is largely potential and theoretical, but stupidity is practical. As a great philosopher once explained to her son, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
The key ingredient in applied stupidity is lack of effort. Intelligence without effort is a high-performance engine without fuel. Very smart people can do incredibly stupid things, usually because they weren’t paying attention. I have been in the room when this happened on numerous occasions........Smart people make mistakes and learn from them. Stupid people make the same mistakes over and over again..... 
Apathy is another sinkhole for energy. Apathetic people don’t care, so they don’t try. The result is functionally equivalent to stupidity........ 
Most people have the neural capacity to conduct themselves in a reasonably intelligent and expressive manner, so if you want to be stupid, the key technique is to avoid putting any effort into thinking. Tell yourself that you shouldn’t have to try hard, or that the rest of the world should accommodate your indolence. 
Insist that it’s unfair to expect patience or diligence from you.... Share your raw emotional reactions with the world around you, in the most crudely impassioned manner possible...Please Read More....It Get's Better!

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