Thursday, May 24, 2018

Name That Tune: The Singers Are on Their Way!

They didn't just want Hillary to win:  They needed Hillary to win!

By Rich Kozlovich

On May 23rd, 2918 Andrew West posted an article "Espionage Expert James Clapper Has BAD NEWS For Barack Obama!, saying:
"There has been quite a bit of talk about former President Barack Obama this week, which is never something that we suggest you endure. At least in this case, we’ve been conjuring the democratic deity in order to expose his vicious political chicanery."
He went on to state what should have been obvious to the most casual observer, unless you're a Democrat, a Hillaryophile or a delusional leftist:
"As we have often discovered with the deceptive and devious democrats, Barack Obama’s legacy took very little time to find tarnish after he finally slithered out of office."
 There's one thing that's become obvious as the author notes:
"The 44th President was well entrenched within the Clinton Crime Family’s inner circle, and some of the behavior that is now coming to light bears a striking resemblance to the sorts of things we’ve discovered about the democratic diva herself in the Trump Era.
And now the final curtain is going to be drawn:
The semantic gymnastics are now officially over.  There was a spy in the Trump campaign, placed there by the Obama administration.  Where on earth do we go from here?" To jail, that’s where.
It was clear to me from the beginning that Mueller's investigation - no matter how he may have corrupted it - was going to backfire on the Democrats - all in order to support a corrupt, egocentric, delusional lunatic.  To which Democrat am I referring?  Take your pick, any in the leadership of the Party of Treason would do, but in this case it's Hillary.

I've also said the time would come when the "little" people involved in all of this would find themselves facing serious jail time for their activities at the behest of those in upper ranks of the Obama administration.  When that happens, and it's starting, all of a sudden they will find harmony with people like Joe Valachi, Jimmy "the weasel" Fratianno, and Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, who tuned on the Teflon Don, John Gotti.  All turned on their Mafia bosses in spite of their Oath of Omerta - the Mafia's Code of Silence, and it turned out there was no Teflon strong enough that could protect Gotti or any of the rest of them.

When jail looms ahead for underlings - guess what?  The bosses go down because the penalties are so severe it become "every man for himself" situation, and the first to talk gets off lightly and can even escape prison entirely. 

Make no mistake about this - prison is tough on mobsters, ask Jimmy Hoffa.  He spent his life among tough guys, he spent his life beating up tough guys and he would have done anything to get out of prison.  What happens when agents for the IRS, the FBI, or the CIA go to prison?  What happens when these white collar lower echelon types go to prison?  It's not just tough on them - it's a nightmare - and they know it!  They'll sing!

The mobsters who turned on their bosses had been benefiting economically for decades with their mob connections and yet they chose to sing to save themselves.  But how have these government lackeys benefited?  Not much as far as I can see.  Certainly not as much as Hillary, Obama and their circle of cutthroats, and now the singers will be on their way.  It's just a matter of picking the time and the tune! Or maybe a different Attorney General.  And I keep wondering why this isn't worthy of a RICO indictment.  RICO is what killed the mob bosses, and it's clear that at the very least the Clintons benefited enormously through their foundation and government connections, which could only be considered an organized criminal activity by any reasonable standard. 

The nation can thank Hillary for all of this.  If she and her happy band of lunatics hadn't demanded an investigation claiming the only reason Trump was elected  was the result of Russian interference none of this may have ever come to light.  Now as Mueller stumbles down his path of collusion with the Democrats in his investigation it's all becoming a nightmare for them, not Trump.  It will be interesting to see if Mueller ends up in jail. It will be interesting to see if Comey turns on all of them to avoid prison.  It will really be interesting to see how Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner and a plethora of underlings we know nothing about will spin their parts in all of this.  It will be interesting to see who they're willing to sacrifice to save themselves.   It will be interesting to see if a former past President of the United States is convicted for his support of what must be considered criminal activities. 

But no matter what, they all have to know the singers are on their way!  

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