Thursday, May 31, 2018

Staggering DOJ study: 83 percent of prisoners re-arrested within 9 years of release

Daniel Horowitz May 29, 2018

"The liberal approach of coddling criminals didn't work and never will. Nothing in our Constitution gives dangerous criminals a right to prey on innocent, law-abiding people."~Ronald Reagan, Feb. 18, 1984

The cool kids in Washington promoting the Michael Dukakis crime agenda have a clever way of enticing conservatives to support the Soros anarchist agenda. Well, conservatives, don't you want to save money and actually enhance public safety with less recidivism? How dumb of us not to know that all along, the far Left was really right about crime and that somehow the miraculous drop in crime in the 90s following tougher sentencing laws was just a figment of our imagination.

Common sense and learned human experiences never fail to deliver the truth. Last Wednesday, the DOJ released an updated study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) showing that 83 percent of prisoners released by states under jailbreak programs similar to what the bipartisan cabal is promoting in Washington were re-arrested within nine years of their release. So much for the recidivism argument for early release programs. Unfortunately, the House was in such a rush to pass this bill even without a CBO score that the DOJ report didn't come out until a day later.

The same people commit the crimes...........To Read More....

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