Sunday, May 27, 2018

IG report: 15 years, $5-billion Afghan reconstruction effort a failure

It's nothing we didn't know already, but an inspector general's report on Afghanistan reconstruction has found that after 15 years and $5 billion, the effort has largely failed............Read more

My Take - All these highly educated leaders in America failed to understand something that should have been fundamental.  America is unique in the world and in the world's history.  All other countries were created from the top down, and the social paradigms of all these nations, including those in Europe, will not allow them to be America! 

It seems to me the success we had with rebuilding Germany and Japan gave American leaders the impression we could do it everywhere.  All they had to do was expose them to "American democracy" and they would see the benefits and - poof - they would become America.   

Well, it simply isn't easy to overcome the underlying social paradigms that mold a people.  Especially when they've been contaminated with Islam.  There's no fixing an Islamic run state.  Get over it....go our money and our people.  Attacking them may have been necessary as Afghanistan was the nucleus of Osama Ben Laden's viper's nest responsible for 911.  But staying was a mistake. 

What we're now seeing the realization of that to the 10th power.  Bretton Woods is over! 

America will stop "nation building" and we will withdraw from being the world's policeman, unless there's a direct benefit to the U.S.,  and the goal of all western powers should be to keep these Islamic nations poor, unarmed as much as possible and over there.   Mind our own business and let them butcher each other to their hearts content.  If they interfere with us we smack them and smack them hard until they don't interfere any longer.  Then go home.  After a while even Islamists will get the message, but keeping them as poor as possible is the key, otherwise they will use their riches to promote terrorism worldwide.  

Get over it!

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