Monday, May 28, 2018

Heads Will Roll

Gil Gutknecht May 27, 2018

It may take a few more months to clear away all of the remaining roadblocks and stonewalling. But, the incriminating documents will inevitably be procured. Too many people were part of the plot. Some will cop a plea. Professionals inside the FBI are now coming forward, asking to be subpoenaed so that they can testify before Congress. Motivated to clean up this mess, they want to share what they know. President Trump is now fully engaged and demanding complete transparency. Even his worst detractors would attest to his tenacity. .............

Just as more and more Americans now see the whole Mueller effort as little more than a stinky partisan smokescreen designed to cover the actions of his high ranking friends at DOJ and the FBI. The fog will continue to lift, it always does.......All of the delays, redactions and obfuscations by Rod Rosenstein make sense only if we assume that he is somehow complicit in the conspiracy. His claims of protecting the integrity of the DOJ and FBI ring absolutely hollow. He must be covering his own tracks..............Spygate scandal is real! And it represents a dangerous threat to our Republic. There has to be accountability ...............To Read More.....

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