Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New York Times fake news BUSTED

Two of my favorite pundits – Mollie Hemingway (of The Federalist) and John Hinderaker (of Powerline) – have absolutely nailed the New York Times for genuinely fake news it published. Naturally, the phony quote it made up is aimed at denigrating President Trump – in the current instance, his historic moves to solve the North Korea nuke problem that his predecessors failed to address effectively. The possibility that President Trump might succeed is frightening to those in the media and politics who have declared him a joke before he was elected and a disaster ever since. They desperately need for there to be no success for America and the world in eliminating the threat of a North Korean nuclear arsenal. Stunningly, even after being busted for its made up story, the Gray Lady has doubled down. Hemingway caught the journalistic malpractice first:............ Read more

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