Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rise of the Rest in Appalachia

Salena Zito May 23, 2018

PIKEVILLE, Ky. -- On Election Day 2016, Jonathan Webb found himself on a lavish cruise liner with America's elite, gliding along the Atlantic outside of Miami. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, was there, and so were Quentin Tarantino, Erin Brockovich, TV legend Norman Lear and singer Celebrity chefs were stationed at different eateries; yoga gurus offered spiritual talks and meditations.

Webb, who was working with the Obama White House at the time, was used to being in rarefied company. But still, he found the experience surreal -- and it was about to get even weirder. On TV screens around the ship, election results started pouring in. Within hours, it was clear that Hillary Clinton had lost and Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States.

"People are crying all over the place. I mean, they're just crying everywhere and I'm kinda just standing around," Webb recalled. "I think everybody was a little bit surprised, but for me it was like, this is not a surprise, guys.".........To Read More.....

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