Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Collusion: Thank Goodness the Deep-Staters Are Idiots

One of my articles of faith is that there are no conspiracies, only stupid efforts to cover things up.  Hello, Intelligence Community! In the last week or so, we have seen the unraveling of the Russia collusion narrative, the notion that the Trump presidential campaign was in bed with the Reds. Imagine! Not under the bed, as in olden times, when the left did it, but actually in bed with the pesky Russkies!  I can't believe the Trumpists did that!

Here is the shocking truth. In addition to its vital national task of surveilling the world to detect the plans of terrorists, prevent school shootings, and foil MS-13 in its animalistic designs, our Intelligence Community found time to snag some peripheral Trump campaign hangers-on into compromising positions by asking them about Russians and emails. And that gave them a reason to wiretap these peripheral campaign hangers-on using the carefully crafted protocols in the nation's wise counterintelligence laws.

Gradually, the project to spy on the Trump campaign – you know, just in case – morphed into a conspiracy to avoid facing the embarrassment of the exposure of government spying on the out-of-power party's campaign..........But I am comforted by all of this. We have learned over the months that these Deep State hangers-on are merely fools and knaves, from Brennan to Clapper, from Comey to McCabe and the lovebird twins, and don't forget the inimitable Stefan Halper, who appears to have enjoyed too many counterintelligence lunches at his London club. Did somebody say "what did the president know and when did he know it?"................ Read more

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