Sunday, March 18, 2018

McCabe waiting for his indictment now

March 17, 2018 By Thomas Lifson

The odds are high that an indictment will be forthcoming for Andrew McCabe.  As the ever alert Sundance of Conservative Treehouse points out, the statement on his firing by A.G. Sessions specifically noted that he "lacked candor" (the FBI's expression for lying) "under oath."............We already know that a U.S. attorney in Little Rock is on the case, thanks to a comment from Sessions. We don't know if a grand jury has been empaneled, but that is how U.S. attorneys get subpoenas, so my guess is that one is sitting, and has or soon will get to consider an indictment that could remain sealed until it is needed...............Meanwhile, McCabe's defenders in the media are planting the seeds of their own credibility destruction. 

Jonathan Turley made the point yesterday that an indictment should follow in the course of forthcoming events.  Indicting and getting a pleas deal from General Michael Flynn for an inconsequential lie, but not indicting McCabe for lies that covered up misbehavior is not really intellectually or morally defensible..........McCabe should be worrying about prison, not his pension..............Read more

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