Saturday, March 17, 2018

CNN’s absurd reaction to Andrew McCabe's firing

March 17, 201 By Patricia McCarthy

Channel surfing after the announcement that AG Sessions had indeed fired Andrew McCabe was like being yanked into the Twilight Zone. On Fox, Laura Ingraham addressed the firing calmly from all sides along with her guests Sara Carter, Alan Dershowitz, Harmeet Dhillon and Jonathan Turley.

Switch to CNN and one would be told that it was Trump who did the firing, that Sessions did it to keep his job. Barely mentioned was the fact that the recommendation to fire McCabe came from the FBI's own Office of Personal Responsibility (OPR), an almost unprecedented event. Don Lemon and his guests were apoplectic that this "fine and respected" man has had his pension taken away. They were not concerned at all about what he may have done to elicit the OPR's recommendation that he be fired. Not one bit.

This bunch takes as factual that Trump is evil and that he colluded with Russia, even though they know very well that he did not. They know that the whole "Trump colluded with Russia" theory was dreamed up by the Clintons to excuse and explain her loss to the man her crowd and the media thought had no chance of victory. But they still think the American people are so dumb that we don't know what they know. They still think they can sell their anti-Trump hatred with lies and snake oil. And Friday night, CNN was simply outraged that an object of Trump's well-deserved wrath was fired...............More

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