Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hillary Clinton, A Bitter Vetch!

By Rich Kozlovich

Boy-O-Boy, how things change. Remember, it wasn't too long-ago Democrats claimed the nation and the world couldn't survive without Hillary as President of the United States. Now, she's an anchor weighing them down and they want her to shut up and hide somewhere.

Didn’t they notice what a loon she was before? Didn't they notice just about everything she says is a lie?  Didn't they notice how corrupt she and her husband are?  Didn't they notice the "smartest woman on the planet" was as dumb as dirt?  Didn't they notice how vicious and self serving she is? Didn't they notice she never saw a burden so great she couldn't put it on the shoulders of others?

Did they really believe she would be a good President, or for that matter, even a competent President?

And now they want the nation to believe they have the insight and intelligence to fix the budget, fix Social Security, fix the Middle East, fix the North Korea mess, fix problems with Russia and China and fix race relations in the nation.

Now we're expected to believe they're going to fix all the problems they created starting with the FDR administration.  Problems they created but never once did a thing to fix while in power, and in point of fact made all of these problems they created worse.

So, let me think about this.  Well, okay, after dwelling on this for a nanosecond I have a question.

Since progressives, liberals, leftists, communists, socialists, fascists, social misfits and radicals - happily represented by the Democrat Party - are responsible for every one of these problems, and have continued to make worse for decades, why should we believe they want to fix them or know how to fix them now?     

Did I get that right?  Did I miss anything? 

Oh, yes.  I know what I missed.  As I think about this I think I know what they really thought about Hillary. If she doesn't get elected and hide all the criminal activity of the Obama administration, and the politicized deep state, someone was going to go to jail. 

Just a passing thought!

Oh, one more thing.  A bitter vetch is a type of pea that's either just bitter tasting, or potentially toxic. 

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