Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Will John Bolton finally boot Ben Rhodes's White House minions?

John Bolton is reportedly set to clean house at the turmoil- and leak-ridden White House, still loaded with the worst of the Obama holdovers.

By Monica Showalter March 27, 2018

For more than a year now, we have been hearing of Obama-era holdovers still holding jobs in the White House. And not surprisingly, there's been turmoil, with leaks stoking feeding frenzies for the Democratic operatives with bylines known as the press.

The latest example of this was in the annoying leak about President Trump refusing to take the advice of these holdovers about not congratulating President Putin for his re-election in Russia. That one not only could have been the work of leftover Obamatons, but also could have been the work of NeverTrump dead-enders or Bush loyalists.

I ask you: why is this going on? President Trump has been in office more than a year, run through two national security advisers, and apparently, these disloyalists are still there, embedded like parasites, and the leaks are still going on. Why? This is not how basic politics works. A leader enters office and brings his loyalists with him, especially at the White House. It's been that way since the 19th-century spoils system, and it makes sense. Obama and former president George W. Bush certainly did it.............More

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