Sunday, March 18, 2018

We're at War: But we're not waging it.

March 16, 2018 Michael Ledeen 100 

Matthew Continetti, a very thoughtful man, is trying to make sense of the current political moment.  He spent some time at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, talked to some smart people, and came up with this:

Since 1992, however, the combinations have been all over the place. We have had united Democratic control and united Republican control, Republican presidents with Democratic Congresses and Democratic presidents with Republican Congresses, and both Republican and Democratic presidents with Congresses split between the parties. “The reestablishment of unified Democratic control under Bill Clinton,” writes Fiorina in his great new book, “began a two-decade-long (and counting) period of electoral outcomes that defy generalizations like those describing the three previous eras.”
Read the article.  It’s unusually insightful.  But when I see “1992,” I don’t think only about American elections.  I think about the end of the Soviet Union, and with it a half-century of unusual history.  I think that is the proper context for understanding what’s going on, both in America and throughout the world.

Most people think war is unusual and peace is the norm, but anyone who studies human history knows it’s the other way around.  Mostly there’s war and the preparation for war, while peace, which is rare, only happens when someone wins a war and imposes conditions on the loser.  Those conditions are usually codified in a “peace treaty,” and the parties resume preparation for the next war...........We’d better take this war seriously...........To Read More.....

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