Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Clinton Tumbles Down the 'Marriage Gap'

Mar 19, 2018 Jeff Jacoby

IT HAS BEEN nearly 17 months since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, yet she can't seem to stop talking about her defeat, or all the culprits she holds responsible. She was at it again in India last weekend. Answering a question about the 2016 election, she portrayed Trump supporters as primitives motivated by racism, misogyny, and hatred of immigrants.

"Make America Great Again" was a pitch to American bigots, Clinton said — to voters who "didn't like black people getting rights . . . don't like women getting jobs . . . don't want to see that Indian-American succeeding." That was a reprise of her infamous "basket of deplorables" slur, one of the worst self-inflicted wounds of her campaign. ............Buried under the condescension and self-pity, however, there were some grains of truth in Clinton's words..........To Read More..... 

My Take - I've never seen a candidate who lost an election make a career of whining before.  Even Democrats are disgusted - but did they see someone different before this?  This is who and what she is and she never was able to hide her mendacity because she never recognized it. Hillary is a pathological liar and a psychopath.  That's been obvious to the most casual observer and yet - the Democrats never noticed it before?  Really?  And at least 45% of the population believe they have the answers to America's problems.  As the little kid in Little Rascals used to say - Remarkable! 

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