Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vicki Momberg: South Africa Becomes the USSR of Race,

Woman gets prison sentence for using the “K-word.”

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, March 30, 2018 66 Comments
South Africa’s ANC regime is about to pass a draconian piece of legislation on “hate speech” directly aimed at whites. However, even before “The Prevention and Combating of Hate Crime and Hate Speech Bill” could become law, a minor district judge or “magistrate” in Randburg, a suburb of Johannesburg, sentenced Vicki Momberg to an effective two years prison sentence for using the “K-word” in an altercation with a black policeman.
In South Africa the term “kaffir” (“heathen” in Arabic) is the equivalent of the US “N-word.” Both white liberals and members of the black elite have become obsessed with the word, which to them is the apotheosis of white racism. So when a cellphone video of Vicki Momberg, an estate agent from the coastal city of Durban, began circulating on social media in 2016, the full might of the state was brought to bear on her in a way that would be unthinkable if she were black.........

“Teased out by legal experts.” Yes, sure. If you’re white, you insult or complain to a black official at your peril. Thanks to affirmative action, the entire state bureaucracy is loaded with officials who are hardly literate, whether in the police, the court system, or at the Internal Revenue Service.

White taxpayers regularly lose money from their bank accounts, since black bureaucrats can act completely unreasonably according to special legislation that lets them confiscate funds without a court order. The cumulative effect of all this is a smoldering anger on both sides of the racial divide that could erupt at any moment...........To Read More....

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