Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hannity Offers Comey Hour of TV, 3 Hours of Radio to Answer ‘Questions Colbert Might Miss’

By Craig Bannister | March 19, 2018  

Friday, Hannity offered Comey a full hour on his “Hannity” television program – and the full three hours on his nationally-syndicated radio show – whenever Comey wants:

"James Comey you want to come out hot? You want to answer hard, important questions? You’re welcome on this program."   “Tonight, I am officially opening up an invitation to Jim Comey. You want to sell your book? Come on this show. We will give you a full hour. You name a day we will make it work. We will work with your schedule. I will give you three hours on my nationally syndicated radio show which by the way is on 575 radio stations around America. So everybody can hear from you."  “And we’ll ask you the tough questions. The ones that Stephen Colbert might miss. For example:
  • “Did you in fact tell a closed session of Congress that you believed Michael Flynn did not lie to the FBI?”
  • “Did you think he’s being unfairly prosecuted?”
  • “Why did you draft a letter exonerating Hillary Clinton of charges in the email investigation months before she was interviewed by the FBI and 17 other important people?”
  • “And, will you explain the lies and omissions to the FISA court?”
  • “Why did you tell Trump that the dossier was unverified and salacious three months after you allowed the same dossier to be presented to the FISA court when you didn’t tell the FISA court Hillary bought and paid for it and you knew that?”
  • “Why did you withhold the fact that Clinton paid for the dirty dossier?”
  • “And how do you explain your unlawful leaking of classified information to the media after you were fired through that Columbia professor, you wanted the special counsel?”
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