Friday, March 23, 2018

A Message from the Big-6 Pesticide Companies to Green Activists: THANK YOU!!!


The Risk-Monger is breaking with tradition and publishing an article he did not write. But he fully supports the content and hopes people give this some thought (and a smile).
The following is a fictional letter from M-Corporation (a fictional American pesticides-biotech company). It was sent to all members of the SPD (Social Democratic Party), B90/GrĂ¼ne (Green Party), Die Linken (Left Party) and the relevant NGOs. Although it is fictional, it reflects the thoughts that must be going through the minds of “Big-6” managers. The longer version in German was sent to all members of the German Parliament on 21 February 2018. The anti-science developments in Germany may be extreme, but it is not unique. This “letter” with its bitter irony may therefore be of interest for people outside this country who believe that political decisions should be based on science rather than populism. 
Dear Politicians, NGOs and those campaigning against Green Biotech,

M-Corporation is one of the six large companies (also called BIG-6) that control 75% of the global market of agrochemicals and 60% of the seeds market. The managers of M-Corporation would like to express our gratitude for your excellent work and hope for further fruitful cooperation. In recent years, M-corporation has been spending 4.5 million dollars a day for research and development. But money alone does not make innovation..........To Read More....

My Take - One thing society should understand.  Large corporations aren't generally liberal or conservative, and may bounce back and forth in their support of positions that will represent one side or the other.  What we need to understand is these companies are at best leaky vessels as allies.  Their view on allies are substantially different than most of our views.  They view all allies as "Allies of Convenience", and we need to recognize that and act accordingly.  They will also abandon any ally if it will impact their quarterly return.  In the political world that's called treason. 

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