Thursday, March 22, 2018

California Wants to Secede? Let's Help Them!

Wayne Allyn Root Posted: Mar 22, 2018

Liberals in California want to secede. They are trying to put it on the ballot. They call it “Calexit.” I say, “Glory Hallelujah." Let’s help make it happen.   I propose 63 million Trump voters join the team. Let's work 24/7 to turn their dream into a reality  Millions of illegal aliens live in California; drive in California with official state-issued drivers’ licenses; and of course, use those licenses to vote in California. Millions. That’s precisely how Hillary won California by over 4 million votes.
  • California supports illegal aliens over legal, law-abiding American citizens.
  • They support illegals getting free college tuition, while children of native-born Americans pay full fare.
  • They support illegals over police and ICE. Many liberals in California want to abolish ICE.
  • They want no borders and no immigration law.
The Attorney General of California has warned any business owner who cooperates with ICE will face prosecution by the state of CaliforniaYou heard correctly. California will put the business owner in prison, for cooperating with federal law, to protect the criminal breaking the law.......To Read More......

My Take - Think about this!  If California did secede, why couldn't northern California secede from California, which it really has wanted to do for decades.  That's how West Virginia came into existence.  Northern California would then have two Senators, making it a four-seat change.  Two Democrats out and two Republican in.  Then, we could declare war on Southern California and conquer it in 24 hours or less, make it a territory subject to a territorial or military governor appointed by the President of the United states with no representation in Congress or voting privileges. 

Sounds like a winner to me.

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