Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump Official Assaulted by George Soros Operative on Capitol Hill!

By Andrew West March 16, 2018

Americans of a certain generation will remember the riots and the rowdiness of the 1960’s often with a bit of a romanic twist to the tale. Perhaps it is the effect of time on these memories that make them seem so fond............ Then, as Trump ascended into power, all hell broke loose on the left side of the narrative........
  • Soon we were watching Kathy Griffin cry on television after posing with a photorealistic depiction of the President’s beheaded cranium, as if she herself has decapitated The Donald.........
  • A heavily armed gunman ambushed Republican senators and congressmen at a baseball practice Wednesday morning, leaving House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in critical condition and wounding four other people.........
  • U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a male Democratic operative for assaulting a female Interior Department communications official following a House budget hearing Thursday.............
  • It appears that Beverly Hills Antifa may have been paying protesters ‘$15/hour’ which raises the question: How much was the faction promised by Soros? Just enough to cover payroll, or far more?.........To Read More......

My Take - And everyone's surprised why?  The left is insane. There can be no other explanation for their actions.  Leftism has been an abject failure everywhere in the world it's been imposed.  For anyone to cling to such a philosophy requires either contempt for humanity, history, reality and find leftism a tool to gain power, they're insane or both.  In the case of most of these leftist movements there are contingencies of all three. 

Immigrants who came here at the turn of the last century felt they's won the jackpot because commitment to civilized behavior in this nation and culture allowed anyone who was willing to work hard to have the things the people of the rest of the world would never have.  And that included freedom to own property and say what you believe in public.  Those are the two things the left hates most about America and those Americans who defend that right the most. 

The left has controlled the media for decades, as a result they've deliberately kept the American public ill-informed and misinformed.  They've taken over the education system at every level and deliberately filled these kids heads with leftist propaganda.  They took over government through election fraud. 

I can't prove it, but based on the numbers of fraudulent voters they've been discovering all over the nation, the latest special election in Pennsylvania that went to the Democrat was most likely the result of such fraud. 

When all that fails they resort to what they really are.  Violent anarchists who have one - and only one - insane moral foundation they will consistently cling to.  Do anything that will get them power to control our lives.

This violence isn't going to abate.  As we approach the 2020 general election this is going to become a national dividing force.  They will send thugs to stop people from voting, they will attempt to make illegal voting acceptable through violence and protests, they will try to overthrow the results of the 2018 election if it doesn't go their way, there will no borders for the behavior of the left, and it's going to start this summer.  And  those involved in that vile behavior will include elected officials. 

And no matter how the 2018 election goes - the uncivilized behavior, civil disorder and violence will continue.  America is facing a Seldon Crisis with no shared vision.  The only thing preventing wholesale civil war is the nation's economy.  If and when we face that destruction it won't be with a clearly divided border as in the North and the South.  America will become Balkanized with groups dividing into racial, religious, ethnic and localized regional divisions.  No one will be safe. 

Whew - I'm even depressed.  What a lousy way to start the weekend.

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