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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sure we can fix problem

By Michael D. Shaw
If I were a masochist, I would detail here all the insider corruption involved with the Obamacare rollout. To preserve my sanity, I offer only a taste...CGI, the largest contractor, has ties to Michelle Obama, and that must make up for their often abysmal performance in other jobs. Due diligence, what's that?
The company now charged with fixing the unholy mess that is—QSSI—was already part of the project, and by most accounts has done a good job. Nonetheless, the fact that it was purchased by United Health Group in September 2012, months after it was picked by the Department of Health and Human Services to help set up the Affordable Care Act Web site, does strike one as being a massive conflict of interest.....To Read More....
Now you can view plans without creating an account, but...Sure, you can view plans on the Obamacare site, but the information is so generic, that you really won't be able to discover the truth until you fully sign up. And, that process is still bogged down, to say the least. Consider that in many cases, PPOs seem to be cheaper than HMOs, which, of course, is absurd. (Unless the list of preferred providers is tiny.) There is absolutely no doubt that they are making it as difficult as possible for you to determine how much a policy would cost you,
Asking for ID is racist, except...Remember how it is "racist" to ask people for ID when they register to vote? Then, please tell me why it is NOT racist to ask them for a whole lot more than ID when they try to sign up for Obamacare.  Indeed, up until very recently, they had to put forth all sorts of personal info before they could even see what plans were available.
Obamacare tech "surge" The Obama administration Sunday (Oct 20) said it’s called on “the best and brightest” tech experts from both government and the private sector to help fix the troubled website at the root of the Obamacare enrollment problems. So the story goes...Thereby raising the question "Who was working on it up until now?" After all, it's only the biggest federal program of all time. Why should we have had the best and brightest working on it? Because those guys didn't pay the biggest bribes?

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