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Friday, October 25, 2013

Latest From Rasmussen

By Rich Kozlovich

Get this!  Only 17% of Americans believe the U.S. is heading in right direction and 64% Expect Another Shutdown in January.  Yet the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll finds that 52% Approve of Obama's Job Performance.   Does that strike you as a nation suffering from cognitive dissonance? 

If you think that’s weird, get this!  It appears that 52% worry government won't do enough for economy, but at the same time 62% want cuts.   According to Rasmussen “following the short-term deal to end the partial government shutdown, voters are more concerned than ever that the federal government will not do enough responding to the weak economy. But most continue to believe spending cuts are the best move the government can make.”  More cognitive dissonance? 

As for Omanacare, 51% favor delaying the individual mandate and 34% want it to go on, “despite the ongoing problems with government exchange websites set up to provide health insurance.”  Is this cognitive dissonance converging with stupidity?  Who are the people that make up this 34%?  Do people really know what they’re saying?  Perhaps it’s true that people really are nuts.  Well, if that’s true, then polls are nuttier and pollsters are at best dubious characters. 

Now….don’t you feel better knowing you aren’t the only one who thinks that!

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