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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Global Warmists Might Explain Why No Hurricanes Midway Through 2013 Season

James Taylor,

This week marks the halfway point of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, yet not a single hurricane has formed anywhere in the Atlantic. This year’s lack of hurricanes continues an ongoing, beneficial trend of fewer hurricanes coinciding with moderately warming temperatures as the planet continues its recovery from the Little Ice Age. The decline in hurricanes also coincides with global warming alarmists ramping up a deceptive public relations campaign designed to convince the public that global warming skeptics are causing more hurricanes.

The lack of hurricanes so far in 2013 is remarkable in several particulars.

First, as mentioned, hurricanes have posted a giant goose egg so far on the 2013 hurricane scoreboard. This isn’t just hurricane strikes in the United States; this is hurricane formation anywhere in the Atlantic. Halfway through the entire 2013 hurricane season, an Atlantic-wide hurricane goose egg is quite remarkable.

Second, this year’s hurricane inactivity continues what was already a record lack of recent hurricanes. Although President Obama is well into his fifth year in office, the Obama administration is tied for the fewest number of U.S. hurricane strikes for any one or two term presidency in history......To Read More.....

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