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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Al Dura Hoax and Europe’s Media Bias

October 28, 2013 By Riccardo Dugulin 3 Comments

On June 26th, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled against Philippe Karsenty, deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the France 2 vs. Karsenty case. According to the court’s decision, Mr. Karsenty received a fine of €10 0001 for his involvement in the Al Dura affair and his statements in regard to Charles Enderlin. The verdict emerged as a major setback in Mr. Karsenty’s drive to expose the misinformation resulting from the accident that took place on September 30th 2000 in the Gaza strip and involved Mohammed Al Dura.

In the French socio-political climate, the drive to expose the truth concerning the Al Dura affair represents a critical point in unveiling a major obstacle to the citizens’ right to information. While single media outlets may have their specific tendencies and private agendas, the Al Dura issue highlights the fact that the French political class as a whole is ready to abandon the requirements of transparency and objectivity for the purpose of serving a certain set of interests. Since the beginning of the Al Dura affair, few in France or Europe have fully grasped the true nature of Mr. Karsenty’s fight to expose the hoax that falsely portrayed Mohammed Al Dura as the victim of Israeli aggression…..To Read More….

My Take -  J'accuse, by eminent writer Émile Zola.  How many remember the Dreyfus Affair in 1894 France?  Not many I would think, but we here in American should as there have been a number of movies made over this gross injustice.   The movie with Jose Ferrer was in my opinion the best one. 
This ‘affair” is and icon of injustice ‘for reasons of state’ in France and around the world,  Even though it became absolutely known another man was guilty, the French Army's leaders ignored the truth, cleared the real perpetrator and created false documents to accuse Dreyfus of even more crimes he didn't commit.  At least they can’t send this man to Devil’s Island as they did Dreyfus.   And it would appear France is at it again.  I often wonder what the French people really think about those who lead them.   Oh...we have as many bad 'leaders' as do the French but we can say "J'accuse" more easily.   

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