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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kerry ‘Amazed’ That Some Americans Still Don’t Grasp Urgency of Global Warming

October 30, 2013 - By Patrick Goodenough

Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his frustration Tuesday with the fact that even in the United States, “a very educated country,” there are those who do not recognize the urgency of combating global warming. Addressing the D.C. Greening Embassies Forum, which encourages the “greening” of foreign mission in Washington, Kerry took aim at those who challenge the notion that the science is settled when it comes to climate change.
“I am amazed after all these years that we’re still struggling here in a very educated country to get a lot of people to embrace and understand why this is not a matter of theory, a matter of mere policy, but a matter of urgency for life itself on the planet as we know it.”
Kerry said that 6,000 peer-reviewed reports say that “we [human beings] are responsible for what is happening, we are contributing to it very significantly through human choices.” “Zero – zero peer-reviewed reports say no, or contribute to the theory of denial,” he added....To Read More....

My Take – Well…I have to agree with the statement that some Americans still don’t grasp the urgency of Global Warming, and they’re the stupid and corrupt still touting this nonsense. Kerry is soon to be 70 years old, and most likely has less than 20 years left, but he has been contemptible his entire life and nothing he says or does indicates he will finish out his years being anything different.

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