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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 reasons why François Hollande has flopped in France

Agnès Poirier,

His approval ratings were already disastrous, but François Hollande is now confirmed as the most unpopular president on record. A survey on Monday put his personal approval ratings at 26%, the first time a president has dropped below 30% since presidential popularity began to be measured by BVI polling agency. For voters across the political spectrum it seems, poor Hollande can do no right. Here are 10 possible reasons why it's all gone pear-shaped for the president.
1. The 75% tax trap - 2. He has perfected the art of putting the cart before the horse (otherwise known as getting his priorities wrong) - 3. Hating conflict is not ideal when you're the president of France. - 4. He is indecisive. - 5. He doesn't seem able to rein in his party factions.  6. - He's too normal - 7. He has a weak prime minister - 8. He lacks communication skills. - 9. He has stopped being himself. - 10. He hasn't eased our existentialist angst.....To Read More...
My Take Most of this is a load of hogwash.  He’s failing because he’s a leftist.   All the rest said here is an attempt to find someone to blame other than blaming the French people themselves.  They wanted a leftist that was going to take them farther left than they were already, and then were stunned when he acted like a leftist.  Now he’s just not fun anymore.  Baloney!  Another reason why the EU is doomed!

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