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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Benefits couple demand a bigger house because they're LESBIANS

By Andy Wells/Published 23rd October 2013

 Lisa and Carrie-Ann Beaney currently rake in £53,000 in benefits - Civil partners Lisa and Carrie-Ann Beaney currently live in a single B&B room with their four children, and claim that they are too stressed to work because of homophobic bullying.  Lisa, 30, quit her job in McDonald's after just three months because it made her too anxious, while Carrie-Ann, 23, has never worked at all.   And due to tough new benefit cap rules their housing payments were slashed and the pair were evicted from their £850-a-month rented home.  However, their £608-a-week B&B room is paid for by the taxpayer, and makes up a £53,000-a-year benefits handout on top of income support and child benefit.  The pair now want the council to give them a bigger house for their brood…..To Read More….

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