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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coal advocates to storm Capitol Hill

By Laura Barron-Lopez

Coal executives and miners will storm the Capitol next week to put pressure on Congress and the White House over regulatory policies that they say are killing jobs. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and 30 members of Congress will participate Tuesday in the Count on Coal coalition's rally. McConnell has vowed to make what the GOP is calling the administration's "war on coal" a main issue in his 2014 reelection campaign. After the Environmental Protection Agency announced a listening tour to gather feedback on new regulations for power plants, McConnell cried foul, claiming the tour did not include any stops in coal-reliant states Now, members of the Count on Coal coalition said they will make sure those who rely on coal will be heard.... To Read More....

My TakeAmazing! It’s a bit hard to feel sympathetic toward these “coal people”.    Now they’re assuring everyone that Washington will hear from “coal”! Aren’t these the same people that supported the number one anti-coal candidate in American history in 2008 and 2012? I guess they didn’t care about “coal” then. Were they somehow under the impression Obama cared? It isn’t like he didn’t tell the world what he was going to do, and this is one promise he kept. Without equivocation he stated he would put coal out of business. And now all this concern from the “coal people” is too late, because this President doesn’t need them any longer and he never did care what they thought or what they needed in the first place. Right along with Reid, Pelosi, Boxer and all the rest on the left who are grafted to the green movement.

I wonder if AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be among them?  Remember when he "loved" Obamacare until we got Obamacare.  Then he "loved" an exception for his members....not anyone else, just his members....apparently he still "loves" Obamacare for you. I wonder if he now ‘loves’ his coal people. Based on his ardent support of Obama he certainly didn't before. No wonder he’s trying to get the AFL-CIO to change their constitution to allow people like the Sierra Club in as member organizations to be member organizations due to dwindling membership, which I would be inclined to think is going to dwindle faster than ever now.

Initially I wondered if Trumka was dumb as dirt or insane......then I had a thought! Maybe the only rational explanation is that he's an extraterrestrial from a race that wants to conquer the Earth and they feel they can do it more easily if we’re forced to live in a Middle Age preindustrial society. What do you think, sound reasonable? Nah...he’s so dumb he acts insane!

These political people have been clear from the beginning about their extreme green views about coal, oil, natural gas and industry as a whole, and coal miners are shocked? Can’t you just hear Captain Renault saying – “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you”.

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