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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Under Perez, Labor Department produces a blizzard of new rules

By Ben Goad - 10/29/13
Newly installed Labor Secretary Thomas Perez is presiding over a burst of rule-making unseen at the agency for years.  Perez, in his first three months on the job, has overseen new rules on wages, hiring and chemical exposure, some of which had been bogged down by years of delay.
In an interview with The Hill, Perez promised he was finding the proper balance.  “The choice between job creation and job safety is a false choice. I categorically reject it,” he said. “We can ensure that workers are safe without undermining an employer’s ability to grow.”  Perez said the department intends on moving regulations forward in a manner that is “careful, thorough and inclusive,” casting a wide net in its solicitation of feedback as rules are developed.
He pointed to a pair of regulations, finalized last month, that set benchmarks for the number of veterans and disabled people government contractors should hire.....To Read More.....

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