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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From Cowboy Byte

A Byte of News For the Cowboy in All of Us!

If Obama Isn’t In Charge, Who Is? When Senator Obama was running for President he wanted to have the world, especially Europe “like” America all over again. Who will ever forget the adoring crowd when he spoke in Germany? I would be hard-pressed to believe that crowd would assemble today to hear the empty rhetoric of hope and change.  In pursuit of being “liked” as if we were a Facebook page, America under President Obama struggles to be respected. Last week a scathing letter from Saudi Arabia, certainly not our closest ally, was an indicator of the lack of respect Mr. Obama has engendered.
Al Qaeda Flags Were Flying All Over Benghazi Last night 60 Minutes aired a damning report from reporter Lara Logan about the details of the Benghazi attack, including an interview with "Morgan Jones," a former British soldier who spoke under a pseudonym in order to protect his identity. After witnessing the attack, Jones went looking for US Ambassador Christopher Stevens at a hospital that had been overrun by Al Qaeda terrorists. Jones found Stevens, dead.  "I dreaded seeing who it was," Jones tells CBS' Lara Logan. "I could see through the glass, I didn't even have to go into the room to see who it was. It was the Ambassador, dead."
Obamacare Won't Help Half of Americans Who Lose TheirCoverage Guy Benson has a post up highlighting a Los Angeles Times story documenting the "rude awakening" many middle-class Americans are experiencing thanks to Obamacare's impact on health insurance prices. From LAT:
Under Obamacare: Your Home's a Hospital; Your Doctor's a 'Team'  President Obama's former health policy adviser says the law is changing the nation's health care system for the better, as more people are treated by a health care "team," in their homes instead of in hospitals. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an oncologist, helped to design the Affordable Care Act, and he defended it Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union with Candy Crowley. "Look, that issue of how the physician-patient relationship is going to change, there's no doubt it's going to change...I think, actually, much for the better," Emanuel said. "You're going to have more of a team. You're going to have nurse practitioners, you're going to have physicians, you're going to have pharmacists, you're going to have nutritionists advising patients.
Years ofgenetic value lost with S.D. blizzard The early October blizzard took away more than this fall’s calf crop for many producers in western South Dakota, the genetic makeup of the lost animals will take years to rebuild.  Jim Krantz, South Dakota State University Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist, says cattle are bred to fit the resources surrounding them with those specific genetics taking years to develop.  "A cow or heifer only has one calf each year, so it takes years and generations to develop genetics," Krantz said. "Each ranch is unique and may have different genetic needs based on the environment, feed resources and country they live in."

Winter shaping up to be rough...for some Brrr! Get out your sweaters and shovels, especially for those west of the Mississippi River. From Accuweather to the Weather Channel and from The Old Farmer’s Almanac to NOAA, Old Man Winter is gearing up for a rough season. “This winter is shaping up to be a rough one,” says Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Sweaters and snow shovels should be unpacked early and kept close by throughout the season. The good news is that the extra precipitation—which will fall as rain or snow depending where you are—will help with any drought issues left over from the summer.”

Birds, Bees andNSA Spies  Europe's outrage over NSA spying ignores its own history and practice. Maybe the leaders of the European Union should have issued a communique at their summit in Brussels Friday, publicly thanking Edward Snowden for stealing U.S. secrets and thus giving them something to talk about other than their own economies.   The euro zone's unemployment rate hit a near-record 12% in August, up from 11.5% a year ago, and the trumpeted European recovery is clocking in at 0.3% after 18 months of recession. But why call too much attention to that unpleasantness when, OMG, the Americans might be eavesdropping?

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