Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

By Rich Kozlovich

How do these people sleep at night? It is clear that nothing is as it seems. Prominent people are touting twisted destructive philosophies that are designed to overturn every traditional stable concept that exists. What are their goals? I have concluded that there is something wrong with these people mentally and morally.

Charlie Sheen 'the Che Guevara of Television' says Piers Morgan
By Humberto Fontova

This week on his show Piers Morgan Tonight, the smitten host gushed that his impromptu guest Charlie Sheen is "the Che Guevara of television" and "one of life's great characters." What a wacky party-animal, that Che Guevara! CNN was the first U.S. network Fidel Castro bestowed with a Havana Bureau. So maybe Morgan's epic stupidity is not the only factor at work here. But let's get started. Che's first decree when his rebels captured the town of Sancti Spiritus in central Cuba during the last days of the skirmishing against Batista's army, outlawed alcohol, gambling and regulated relations between the sexes. Popular outcry and Fidel's sharp political sense made him rescind the order…… "We punish individuals who refuse to participate in collective effort and who lead an antisocial and parasitic life," read Beria and Vishinky's charges against millions of Stalin's victims. "We punish individualists and antisocial miscreants!" "Individualism must disappear!" thundered the party-animal Che Guevara (this idol of 'do-your-own-thing' Bohemians) in a 1961 speech in Havana. Interestingly, the cheeky Ernesto Guevara's signature on his early correspondence read "Stalin II."

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