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Steve Milloy: One World Government - Agenda 21

By Rich Kozlovich

I have been aware of this for many years. These links are just for February and February isn’t over yet. This is an insidious movement mendaciously presented as a way of saving the environment and humanity. In reality it is the incremental pathway for a corrupt group of elites at the U.N. to create a global government using environmentalism as the segue.

All this equal opportunity blather we hear about on the news is all about equal outcomes, and in an international setting guess who will pay for everything and who will decide who should pay and how much?

Who supports this stuff is also amazing. Was everyone aware that two of the big supporters of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) were George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice? A treaty that is coming up for a vote once again; and would turn all authority over all international waters to the most corrupt anti-humanity organization the world has ever known. The United Nations! Nothing is ever as it seems.

"At the Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Treaty on Global Warming at The Hague in the Netherlands on November 20, 2000 – French President Jacques Chirac electrified this Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN framework treaty on global warming, praising that agreement as “the first step toward global governance.”

As I have said...I have been watching this develop for many years. This is not imaginary, nor is it an idle threat. It is a dagger into the heart of the only two things that stand between the United Nations and world domination; the American economy and the "inalienable" rights of individuals listed in the U.S. Constitution.

We really need to get that! Because under the United Nation's international "green" ruling concept there will be no rights; inalienable or otherwise!

Let's start with this link from October 2009.  This was sent to me by Marty Morgan asking if I have been tracking this?  He went on to say that “There is activity in southern Montgomery Co. and Warren County - specifically Wayne Twp.”, here in Ohio.

Here is the article he linked.

UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You
October 28, 2009
By Scott Strzelczyk and Richard Rothschild

Most Americans are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development created Agenda 21 as a sustainability agenda which is arguably an amalgamation of socialism and extreme environmentalism brushed with anti-American, anti-capitalist overtones…… "Smart growth is not science; it is political dogma combined with an insidious dose of social engineering. Smart growth is a wedding wherein zoning code is married with government-sponsored housing initiatives to accomplish government's goal of social re-engineering. It urbanizes rural towns with high-density development, and gerrymanders population centers through the use of housing initiatives that enable people with weak patterns of personal financial responsibility to acquire homes in higher-income areas. This has the effect of shifting the voting patterns of rural municipalities from Right to Left."….Smart growth plans usurp property rights and constitutional rights. Local officials, at the behest of State Government, revise zoning laws to fit into a "smart code" zoning template. A massive reshuffling of property rights ensues. Farmers may lose subdivision rights; conservation land adjacent to population centers may be rezoned into commercial employment centers; and low-density land in small towns is re-designated as growth area and rezoned to accommodate diverse housing including high-density apartments and condominiums.

Regardless of political orientation, two indisputable facts remain. Agenda 21 is a direct assault on private property rights and American sovereignty, and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Agenda 21: Europe to push for World Environment Organization in Rio
UNEP on steroids. Climatewire reports… The idea, years in the making and pushed initially by France, is to strengthen the Nairobi, Kenya-based U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) in a manner that would give the agency a more explicit mandate to guide global environmental concerns. That would convert what many regard as an underfunded, backwater agency into a more robust traffic cop to watch the commons…

Obama’s 2013 budget for Agenda 21
Just don’t call it Agenda 21.

UN Bosses Secretly Plot Global Govt Through “Green Economy” for Rio+20
United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon and his top deputies gathered in secret last year to chart the future course of humanity through “sustainable development,” a controversial concept the UN equates with “saving the planet” in what would ultimately entail a radical and complete transformation of human civilization

The Rural Council, Agenda 21: The Collectivist Impulse to Plan Other People’s Lives
The simple message is that bureaucrats shouldn’t try to control our lives, regardless of whether those pencil-pushers reside in Washington or the United Nations.

Pearce: Rio+20 shows little sign of living up to original Earth summit
As Brazil prepares for the Rio+20 conference, there is little on the agenda to suggest any substantive action will be taken

Agenda 21 Is Repackaged Socialism, Unsustainable Development
This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the United Nation’s Brundtland Report, which defined Sustainable Development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” But aristocratic socialists have corrupted the sustainable development movement into a vehicle to achieve vast administrative power for themselves. Nations that adopt Sustainable Development are doomed to fail at meeting the needs of the present generation and through debt accumulation from deficit spending will consign future generations to a life as debt slaves.

Agenda 21: The End of Western Civilisation
“Global sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” -Professor Maurice King

Is the UN Using Bike Paths to Achieve World Domination?
Did you know that the United Nations is in cahoots with local land-use planners all over the country to rob you and your neighbors of your God-given right to your gun, your land, your water, your food, and your liberty? Did you know that there is a UN document, titled Agenda 21, that sets out the plan and that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich already has declared that, if he were to become president, he would cut funding for any activity related to that U.N directive? Glenn Beck knows all about it, naturally, and so does the Tea Party.

Use Rio+20 to overhaul idea of growth, urges EU climate chief
“The world must use a landmark environmental summit this year to change forever the current damaging model of economic growth, Europe’s climate chief has warned“ Translation: you must never aspire to improve your standard of living and nor may the world’s impoverished. You may not have freedom of movement or choice. Your betters, the self-selected global elite will tell you what you may have, how much and when.

UNEP to become ‘planetary super-agency’?
Just what we need — an EPA that doesn’t speak English.

Rep. Herger is wrong about Agenda 21
California Representative Wally Herger offered an article on Agenda 21 which, unfortunately, reflects a lack of knowledge about Agenda 21 – shared by far too many elected officials. In the first instance, he said that Agenda 21 is a document developed at a U.N. Conference in 1993. Wrong!

NYTimes: Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot
Though the New York Times paints Agenda 21 foes as paranoid; it’s real and it’s happening now in your community.

NYT hews the official UN line
“Across the country, activists with ties to the Tea Party are railing against all sorts of local and state efforts to control sprawl and conserve energy. They brand government action for things like expanding public transportation routes and preserving open space as part of a United Nations-led conspiracy to deny property rights and herd citizens toward cities.

Gaston County leaders identify ‘insidious’ threat of Agenda 21
Gaston County leaders have made it clear they have their guard up against “sustainable growth” and other concepts they believe will threaten American principles.


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