Thursday, February 16, 2012

Union of Concened Scientists: Really?


The newest member of the Union of Concerned Scientists
Since becoming a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists when I found out all you needed was a valid credit card, my curiosity about who and what they really are has spiked. I decided to put that theory to the test. I am very proud to announce that a member of my family has been accepted into this prestigious organization. With pride, I present new UCS member, Kenji Watts:

Yes, Kenji is our dog. Apparently, the claim is true, all that is required to be a member of the illustrious group of “concerned scientists” is a valid credit card. No discerning questions were asked of me when I prepared Kenji’s application and no follow up check after the application was done. I simply put in his name, address, and provided a valid credit card that matched the address.

My Take - OK...I have something I wish to ask this scientist.  Kenji; do you believe that mankind is responsible for Global Warming? If so,  just sit there. Ok...See....its settled, Kenji isn't moving. 

 Just how much more evidence does anyone need? 

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