Monday, February 13, 2012

Africa Fighting Malaria: Leadership on Malaria


Leadership in the fight against malaria
Roger Bate, 12 Dec 2011
Africa Fighting Malaria In the past decade great strides have been made in the fight against malaria, and many other diseases that proliferate in the tropics. US Government annual spending on malaria has increase from just under $90m in 2004 to the desired $691m requested by the President's Malaria Initiative for next year. Not only are we spending more money, but we're spending it better too. In September 2004 I testified before the House Foreign Affairs Africa subcommittee on malaria and the US Government's performance, and I did so again last week. The key difference is that in 2004 with a small budget the US Government was essentially advising other Governments on how to combat the disease, whereas today it is actually combating the disease - almost eliminating it from a few places, notably the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.......

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