Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Africa Fighting Malaria: Failure of Development


Public policy failures and the development of new insecticides
05 Dec 2011

Africa Fighting Malaria On December 5, 2011, AFM presented its poster on public health insecticides at The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene's 60th annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA. The abstract accepted for poster presentation is available here (number 397). AFM's full paper is available here. A printer friendly version of the poster is available here.

My Take - The truth is that the greenies have untold influence on the development of new insecticides and groups like methods. "PANNA: Aims to replace pesticide use “with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives”, along with advocates promoting malaria prevention methods such as “improved sanitation” and “water drainage.” We now know that their claims of success are false. There is something that we really need to get. If "all natural" works, why didn't it work for the thousands of years past?  Over these thousands of years malaria has killed more people than all the other diseases combined and the only way it was ever brought under control was with the introduction of DDT.

Starting during WWII, the answer was effective, inexpensive chemistry. That must be the answer now or there will be no answer.  The ban on DDT must be lifted. There was no justification for it in 1972, there is no jusfitication to maintain it. The ban on DDT is foundational to the hold the environmental movement has on society. We cannot progress properly until this has been corrected.

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