Saturday, February 11, 2012

Steve Milloy on Pesticide Issues This Year

Everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. 

Report: California mosquito fogging in jeopardy after new environmental regulations
Disease bearing mosquitoes are no doubt cheering an anti-insecticide federal court ruling.

Atrazine: The Frog of War
Mother Jones profiles Berkeley junk scientist Tyrone Hayes.

Junk Science Profile on Tyrone Hayes
Summary. Tyrone Hayes is a researcher at the University of California-Berkeley who claims his research shows that the herbicide atrazine harms frogs.

Faulty Science
• Hayes has a history of:
o Sub-standard procedures. Not following Good Laboratory Practices;
o Secret methods. Not sharing his methods with other scientists; and
o Secret data. Refusing to provide his original data to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Storms may have killed off many stink bugs
It certainly wasn’t any EPA-approved insecticide.

Protecting disease vectors from humans
Mosquito fogging in jeopardy after new environmental regulations

Overreach: U.S. detains Brazil, Canada orange juice for fungicide
The FDA confiscates safe orange juice.

New Effort to Ban Three Chemicals Used on Long Island
Pesticide detection does not equal health risk or toxicity.

Ag College President: Pesticides help modern farming
“Atrazine and other pesticides add more than $2.4 billion of crop production in Georgia. They control weeds and help the environment. Atrazine is vitally important to our economic health.”

Fungus Fears Push Orange Juice Up
Pesticide residue hysteria takes hold of the markets.

FDA: Orange juice recall isn’t warranted
Yet Center for Science in the Public Interest can’t pass up the opportunity to fearmonger.

Indoor pesticides cause cancer in dogs?
The enviro war against pesticides targets pet owners.

Felsot: Pesticide residues on food are safe
Great report and just a small nit to pick with a stray (perhaps misreported) Felsot comment.

FDA roils orange juice markets for no reason
The detected fungicide residues are safe and the FDA knows it.

Colony Collapse Disorder: Cause – All Natural!
The bottom line is: we won’t starve; pesticides are our friend; the bees will return; the cause is most assuredly ‘all natural’ and the scaremongers will look for another reason to condemn humanity.

Stinkbugs rule as government, pesticide industry dither
Stink bugs have spread to 36 states — so where are the insecticides?


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