Friday, February 17, 2012

Africa Fighting Malaria: Fake Drugs


Fake malaria drugs could 'put millions at risk'
16 Jan 2012
BBC News

Fake and poor quality anti-malarial drugs are threatening efforts to control the disease in Africa and could put millions of lives at risk, scientists say. The counterfeit medicines could harm patients and promote drug resistance among malaria parasites, warns the study, funded by the Wellcome Trust…..Some of the fake tablets are said to have originated in China…..They examined fake and substandard anti-malarial drugs that were found on sale in 11 African countries between 2002 and 2010. They discovered that some counterfeits contained a mixture of the wrong pharmaceutical ingredients which would initially alleviate the symptoms of malaria but would not cure it.

Some of the ingredients in the tablets could cause potentially serious side effects, the study found, especially if they were mixed with other drugs a patient might be taking, like anti-retrovirals to treat HIV……."The enormous investment in the development, evaluation and deployment of anti-malarials is wasted if the medicines that patients actually take are, due to criminality or carelessness, of poor quality and do not cure."

My Take - It seems impossible that any human being could perpetrate such crimes, yet it happens all the time.

A number of years ago I read where oil sold as cooking oil was in reality some form of fuel oil. I forgot how many died, but the very idea of deliberately selling death to unsuspecting innocents is hard for most of us to fathom.

Yet, isn't that what the green movement is doing when it promotes programs that are failing, have failed in the past and the records are doctored to make it look as if it is working? So how do we accept the greenies lack of concern of those who are dying due to their anti-chemical policies? If we, as an industry, refuse to recognize that which is obvious can we claim to be entirely innocent of the green movement’s crimes against humanity?

If we actually recognize their complicity in the destruction these poor innocents are suffering, and remain silent, do we not share in their guilt?


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