Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Africa Fighting Malaria

By Rich Kozlovich

Over the years I have had the opportunity to talk to some who have been involved in this organization via e-mail. I also had the pleasure of meeting Richard Tren, who is a director of AFM and a real gentleman, at the showing of Dr. Rutledge Taylor’s film 3Billion and Counting. They are maligned by the greenies and their fellow travelers regularly; but the beauty of truth is that it will “very patiently wait for us”. Time is on their side, unfortunately time is a killer for so many in the world as a result of greenie influence.

There are some things that we really do need to get. One of them is that everything everyone “knows” about DDT is a lie. The vast majority of the information in articles discussing DDT directly, or as a side bar to another topics, are lies. DDT was the greatest chemical discovery for the benefit of mankind in all of mankind’s history. Chemistry is not the enemy; however, modern environmentalism, along with its adherents and promoters are! Secondly, malaria has killed more people over the centuries than all the other diseases combined. Thirdly, when you consider that hundreds of millions are afflicted by this plague every year, and the effect on them long term is so detrimental, one has to wonder why so much money is spent on other afflictions per ration to the impact each makes on humanity.

I intend to highlight articles from the AFM site for some days.  I hope as they appear  everyone will take advantage of this. 


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