Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mitt Romney: John McCain reprised

July 23, 2019 By Richard Jack Rail

In a tweet, President Trump famously said that if Ilhan Omar doesn't like America, she can go back where she came from.  Followers immediately started chanting, "Send her back!" in the way they once chanted, "Lock her up!" about another vicious, ugly female lefty officeholder.

The Left came unglued, and so did Mitt Romney.  Mitt finds the new chant offensive, you see, and immediately blamed Donald Trump.  Perhaps, curiously, Mitt found nothing offensive in anything Ilhan Omar had said, but then he probably also finds nothing objectionable in her character as he does in the Trump character.

Making ordinary sense of Mitt Romney is a fool's errand. Nobody can make sense of Mitt Romney. He interviewed to be Donald Trump's secretary of state, then promptly went to Europe and spoke ill of the president. He published a scathing editorial about Trump in the Wall Street Journal. He claims to be Republican but has done his best to obstruct the Trump agenda........To Read More....

My Take - History is making a mess of the media's Kennedy Camelot narrative, and that includes the rest of the clan, especially Teddy.  The media is still trying to twist that history in his favor, which has become impossible now.  Worse yet for the Kennedy mob, time is against them. 

History will destroy McCain, because he just couldn't stop being the vile and vindictive creature he was right up until his death. 

And then there's Romney.  History will not be kind to him either.  History and reality will end Romney's influence as more and more information becomes available about RINO's in American politics.  Much of which seems almost Machiavellian.  Schemers, liars, deceivers, all claiming to be conservatives, yet all the while working what is obscene in the background.

I'm convinced there was something wrong with the minds of both Kennedy and McCain, and we know their character was far from exemplary, and one might easily say, flawed, especially Teddy.  As far as Romney goes, I really think there's something wrong with Romney's mind and his character also.  I really agree with the author when he says, " Making ordinary sense of Mitt Romney is a fool's errand." 

Yet, I keep asking: What does he hope to gain?  He will never be President of the United States.  That train has left the depot!  Does he believe otherwise?  The same is true for John Kasich.  Both of whom claim to be conservatives, and religious ones at that.  Kasich's view about conservatism is he "can define conservatism as he sees fit", which in his case was a lot like leftism. 

There was a reason Obama said America needs more governors like Kasich.  There has to be something wrong with their minds.  I've met Kasich, and I can say this with absolute certainty, he suffers from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris. 

Romney may be better mannered than Kasich, which doesn't require a whole lot of work or effort, but he's clearly weird, and he must be arrogant to the point of lunacy, otherwise he wouldn't be acting the way he does. 

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