Sunday, July 28, 2019

Geller Report July 27, 2019

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My Take - If anyone ever doubted Bernie Sanders is insane or not, the piece appearing here today should remove all doubts.  If Muslims take over any country, those people in that country who are just like Bernie are either killed or become a dhimmi, meaning they're not real citizens and pay special taxes to keep from being killed.   But, then again, what's so different between that and what socialists impose on humanity when they're in charge.     

So, as you think about Bernie's views you have to come to one conclusion; Bernie has always been insane, along with the mainstream media.

Right now so-called "radical" jihadists are pressing hard in Central Africa. This trend is normal for jihadists, and based on Koranic teachings, they're not radical, they're true Muslims.    Based on the Koran, those who don't practice jihad are the radicals.   So how does adopting an anti-Israel foreign policy make that better?  It doesn't.  If we want to stop this we have to define this issue properly.  Islam isn't a religion.  It's a criminal political movement masquerading as a religion and the world needs to stop treating it as a religion, and treat it as it is, a terrorist criminal movement, and prosecute or deport any who are members of any Islam sect as members of a criminal movement.

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