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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Geller Report 7/20/19

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My Take -  In the article Fellow Immigrant SCORCHES America-Hater Ilhan Omar I think you will enjoy the discussion regarding the "razocharovanty".  Ohio Muslim gets 30 months in prison for BRUTALLY attacking man he thought was Jewish.  This guy only got thirty months?  And his "friends" didn't get charged as far as I can tell. He, and the rest need long sentences and deportation. 

Geraldo has always been factually retarded.  He's skilled at logical fallacies, interrupting those he talks to, playing the intimidation card and smarmy rejection of anything that refutes his views.  But as a source of valid information, wisdom and insight - he's a leaky vessel on his best day.  He's insulting, obnoxious and what really disgusts me about him is twofold.  First, is how the other people on these shows act like he's worth listening to.  And secondly, the last I heard he now lives in Cleveland.

Bernie Sanders is insane.  That's the only explanation for what he says and does, as for The Squad, I wouldn't be so sure all four of these losers are going to be in Congress after their term runs out. The only thing that will save them is if they come from districts that are filled with people as stunningly stupid as are they.


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