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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's economic plan so bad even CNN says it will crash the economy

July 23, 2019 By Monica Showalter

It doesn't get worse for a leftist when even CNN is warning that your 'economic solution' to the economic problems you've laid out are going to destroy the economy.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren came out with a big, serious-looking economic plan intoning about a coming economic crash, her own supposed ability to forecast such things, and then calling for free college, a soaring minimum wage, more Dodd-Frank regulations on big bad banks, and lots of free stuff. It ran at the top of the screen on RealClearPolitics yesterday afternoon, suggesting it's something likedly to be talked about.

Christina Alesci, a plain-vanilla CNN "politics and business correspondent," (not one of those politicized talking heads -- an actual reporter), blew the whole thing out of the water:................ To Read More

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