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Monday, July 29, 2019

Party of Treason and Insanity

By Rich Kozlovich

On July 28, 2019, on American Thinkerthe article Thomas Lifson posted the following article. What must Obama be thinking as Dems support Mueller’s contention that an ex-president can be prosecuted for crimes committed while in office? saying:
"Trump Derangement Syndrome is genuine and widespread mental ailment. It qualifies as an infirmity because it blinds those afflicted with it to the consequences of their behavior, leading them to harm themselves.  
Were the psychology and psychiatry professions not fully in the hands of the Left, TDS would be appearing the next edition of the DSM -- the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  
The dead-enders among the Trump-haters now fervently believe that once President Trump is defeated in 2020, he should be indicted for what they irrationally believe is the crime of obstructing justice, even though Robert Mueller testified that his investigation was not hindered in any way."
For years the Republicans were called the "Stupid Party", and for good reason.  Their ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory has been almost uncanny!   Their stated goals were invaribly thwarted by RINO's, all of whom are bereft of real values.  Always willing to attack the conservatives in their party who stood for less taxes, less spending, less regulations, less government, anti-abortion - all the issues they ran on - all the positions they disvowed as soon as they were elected.  All in order to appease the leftists in both parties.  Ohio has two good examples in John Kasich, and now DeWine.

The Democrats were called the "Party of Treason", and for good reason, since all their initiatives undermine the American identity, the American culture, the American economy and the Constitution.  But they've been able to govern because they largely marched in lock step to the leadership's tune, whether you liked that tune or not.

But now we have the farthest left lunatics ever elected to Congress, and they're Democrats, and I like them.  Why?  Because they openly demonstrate their hate for America, and their open desire to destroy American values, culture, Jews and the Constitution are there, all out in the open, for all to see. They may be insane, but they're not hypocrits.

They aren't hiding who and what the Democrat party really stands for, unlike Pelosi and the old guard, and they don't care what Pelosi and that band of cowards who stepped and fetched for Pelosi think.  They believe they're the future of the Party. And they're right.  Although they personally may not be, the party was taken over by far left lunatics, which has been the goal of the left for 125 years.  And now it's here.

The Republicans still retain enough blithering idiots, like Mitt Romney and John Kasich, to continue being the Stupid Party (figuring out what they're really all about is a "fool's errand").   But the Democrats.....ahhhhh the Democrats.....they've graduated from just being the Party of Treason, to the Party of Treason and Insanity. 

I had forgotten about the grand jury headed up by US Attorney Durham who is actively investigating John Brennan over his involvement in spying on the Trump campaign, which continued after Trump was elected in some vain hope they could overturn the election.  All done illegally! 

The author goes on to say:
".........Durham’s grand jury investigating the role of John Brennan in enlisting foreign intelligence agencies in the plot to spy on the Trump campaign, and after the election, to bring it down?...........He also believes that John Brennan was the spearhead of the plotters.....".
Are we supposed to believe no one else in the Obama administration was aware of that?  Are we to believe Obama wasn't aware? 

The writer ends by saying:
"Conservatives like me tend to think that prosecuting an ex-head of state is a bad idea. It further criminalizes politics....." 
Which has been traditional rationale and thinking. But, has there been an administration that's been more scandal ridden with criminal activity in our life time?  Watergate was chump change compared to the many crimes Obama and his gang perpetrated on America.  That's why they didn't just "want" Hillary to win, they "needed" Hillary to win, in order to hide all their criminal activity.  Even though conservatives don't like the idea of prosecuting ex-Presidents, he goes on to say:
"our TDS-afflicted political enemies keep making the opposite case." 
The Insane Party is so deluded by their hate of Donald Trump they can't see the vipers they're creating that keeps biting them on the can.  Every one of the investigations they've instituted made the Democrats look as corrupt and insane as they are. 

As Derek Hunter noted:
"The drooling and incoherence will continue, as will the digging. Democrats know they’re drilling a dry well, but as long as they’re still drilling they can keep those on the hook from realizing they’re being hoodwinked."
But it really doesn't matter what they do, because it's too late.  It can't be stopped now.  With the Investigation by Justice Department Inspector General Horowitz involving corruption in the FBI, DOJ, FISA Court abuse, and their investigations into Hillary Clinton's e-mail abuses this is going to get ugly for the Democrats.

These investigations involving Brennen will expand to include Hillary, Clapper, Valarie Jarrett, Attorney's General Lynch and Holder, Comey, and Weissman, who are lawyered up for good reason.  Then there is an unending list of small players, all of whom have at least one bit of information that fills in the blanks telling a complete story of corruption and crimes committed by members of the Obama administration, possibly even Biden, and most likely Obama himself. 

What did Obama know and when did he know it?

Obama, with his speaking ability gives the impression of being intelligent, but he's clearly as dumb as dirt.  And Jimmy Carter thanks him.   That means Jimmy's no longer the dumbest President to have sat in the White House. 

The left is patient, and they're willing to wait until the Party of Treason and Insanity wins the Presidency once again, and with the Stupid Party as the opposition, that's always a possibility.  And when that leftist President is sworn in, the whole criminal gang will start working all over again to complete their insane goal of destroying America, as we know it. 

Prosecutions must happen now!  To stop this someone has to go to jail.  Big time jail.

Can you feel the Bern?


  1. But for the Dems owning the media for the past 100 years, many of them would have been incarcerated. You mention Mitt Romney. Many forget that his father was probably worse. And, who can forget Nelson Rockefeller? Although, he did get his, didn't he?