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Monday, July 29, 2019

Housewives: 'Dependent Creatures'! 'Parasites'!

July 28, 2019 y Michelle Fitzpatrick Thomas

In 2013, then–U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to liberal "feminist" Gloria Steinem. This is the highest honor the U.S. bestows on civilians. Freedom for what, you might ask? I'm not sure, considering that Steinem is a champion for abortion. Seems a tad oxymoronic to be for women's "rights" while ignoring the rights of all of the unborn women in the process.

Steinem had this to say about me and the millions of other women like me: "[Housewives] are dependent creatures who are still children ... parasites." Okay, well, I wasn't yet born when she said that, but I still find it quite offensive and degrading, especially in today's culture that's all about "empowering women." And this is the woman who was awarded a medal — by the president of the United States!

Carolyn Graglia is a lawyer who left her law practice to stay home and raise her children. In an article she wrote for The Weekly Standard, she discussed Betty Friedan, "feminist" writer and activist, who also had a negative view of homemakers. Graglia wrote:........To Read More.....

My Take - Betty Friedan, although not a party member, was a devoted communist. The feminist movement isn't for or about women, it's about promoting far left wing politics.  Which is equally true of the environmental movement. 

On September 1, 2014 Mallory Millett posted the article, Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives, The horror I witnessed inside the women’s “liberation” movement, saying:
“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill wrote this over a century ago. During my junior year in high school, the nuns asked about our plans for after we graduated. When I said I was going to attend State University, I noticed their disappointment. I asked my favorite nun, “Why?” She answered, “That means you’ll leave four years later a communist and an atheist!”  
What a giggle we girls had over that. “How ridiculously unsophisticated these nuns are,” we thought. Then I went to the university and four years later walked out a communist and an atheist, just as my sister Katie had six years before me……  
I’ve known women who fell for this creed in their youth who now, in their fifties and sixties, cry themselves to sleep decades of countless nights grieving for the children they’ll never have and the ones they coldly murdered because they were protecting the empty loveless futures they now live with no way of going back.  
“Where are my children? Where are my grandchildren?” they cry to me ………So much grace, femininity and beauty lost. So many ruined lives.
 Please read The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

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