Thursday, July 25, 2019

How thugs get away with dumping water on NYPD cops

July 24, 2019 By Avrohom Gordimer

Although I have witnessed firsthand the precipitous decline in the quality of life in the Big Apple (please see here, and trust me: it has only gotten worse), even I was shocked to see footage of uniformed New York City policemen being drenched with water and attacked with flying objects by laughing and jeering residents of Harlem.

 Although many have attempted to explain the causes of this utterly outrageous and disgraceful scenario, noting the atmosphere of disrespect for police and the damaged police morale, courtesy of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, one glaring factor has been absent from the conversation. In fact, the concluding section of the Harlem video footage demands further explanation, as we view policemen actively ignoring the repeated dousing of water all over them, as they slowly walk soaking wet to their patrol car, heads down, as if they are not allowed to react to the grave offenses committed against them.

Remove "as if" in the above sentence, and you have the answer. To Read More...

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