Thursday, July 25, 2019

Iran Pokes the Eagle and The Eagle Responds, Is War Next?

| July 23rd, 2019

Tensions in the Middle East are growing as Iran continues to push the envelope of Western forbearance. America does not want a war with Iran. Neither do the countries of Europe. And although the left has been hammering President Trump as a war-monger, he really has done nothing to provoke the current situation.
It is Iran that has been on a campaign of growing harassment of Western interests and doesn’t seem to be interested in stopping any time soon. And to add fuel to the growing fire, it has also announced that it will accelerate its nuclear program to enhance its uranium stock to near weapons grade. 
Iran has already taken out a U.S. drone, attacked eight ships in and around the Strait of Hormuz, hijacked two British-flagged ships in 24 hours in the Strait of Hormuz, and has now arrested 17 Iranians in Iran on charges of spying for the CIA.
Iran is attacking the West, and it doesn’t seem to care that the high stakes in the game could lead the world into war. Quite the opposite, it seems to relish the possibility.
The situation is complicated, and the crisis is growing, but here is a quick timeline of how it grew: ..........To Read More....
My Take - Poking the Eagle?  I like the cartoon above showing Iran as a Jackel biting the Lion's tail.  I think that really fits reality. 

First off, Iran's economy is a mess.  The leadership was counting on millions and million of dollars pouring into their government as a result of the nuclear deal.  That's now a dead issue, and they're economic troubles are increasing.  So how does biting the lion's tail fix it?  It doesn't, except now there are those who think the military has taken over a large portion of the power and control in Iran, and they want to provoke western powers.  Do they want a war?  I'm not sure they know what they really want, but, they're provoking the biggest lion the world has ever seen.  America!

Please review Jacob Shaprio's article on Geopolitical Futures, Iran’s Miscalculation in the Strait of Hormuz.


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