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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Demonization of Whites by Mrs. Bill Gates and Other Dangerous Idiots

Ilana Mercer, American Renaissance, June 9, 2018

She will invest in start-ups with an eye to race and sex rather than ability. Melinda Gates, a silly woman with an enormously wealthy husband, has decided to reinvent herself as a venture capitalist. With a difference. With her husband’s billions, Mrs. Gates announced her intention to venture into funding start-up companies that are likely to fail.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Gates “bashed ‘white guys,’” and vowed to favor women and people of color in her investment choices. Using pigment and gender as criteria in allocating her abundant resources is hardly a prudent investment strategy. But Mrs. Gates can afford to lose money. Her husband is Bill Gates, a lily-white billionaire (with lots of liver spots).

From the vertiginous heights of ignorance, Mrs. Bill Gates has scolded the venture-capital industry:
“Enough with your love for ‘the white guy in a hoodie’” (whatever that means).
Thanks to her husband’s vast riches, Melinda’s son, Rory John Gates, will remain insulated from discrimination visited on white men, by vindictive women like Mommy Dearest, in the name of “white privilege” (whatever that means)............. Notice how that’s phrased. A problem is something good people get rid of, solve. “The Problem of Whiteness.” “The Jewish Problem.” See where this might lead?  Note the linguistic similarities between the language of white haters and Jew killers.............. It so happens that whites are fair game. No other group would tolerate being blackened. Yes, profound stupidity is involved.........To Read More....

My Take - If you look Melinda Gates’ biography it becomes clear she's an intelligent person. She was a top student during all her educational years. But, so was Hillary Clinton.

We need to get past this idea well educated people are smart. I find all too often so many of them are over educated and under smart. They all seem to be caught in an intellectual loop they can't fix. Why? Because they're arrogant!

What is the difference was between arrogance and self-confidence? A self-confident person wants to be right because they are right. And they’re willing to accept correction from others in order to actually be right.

An arrogant person IS right and accepts no correction from anyone. Let the world be wrong but they MUST be right and all others MUST be wrong.

Arrogance is a form of insanity, just like leftism. One of the reasons I find leftists to be so stunningly arrogant, they all have mental problems. They also have an aversion to reality, history, truth and respect for others.

We now know Melinda Gates falls into that category. The fact she and her husband are doing some good in Africa is immaterial and doesn't give either of them a pass on the rest of life.

Also, I think I know who wears the pants in that family. He does, and she tells him which to put on.

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