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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Feel the Bern: Leftism is a Mental Disorder.

By Rich Kozlovich

Today, June 9, 2018, Paul Gottfried posted the article, Orwell the Leftist, discussing David Ramsay Steele's work regarding George Orwell, who published two books that haven't been read by enough people, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, both of which villify "totalitarian collectivism".

He points out both are well known, but "frequently ignored."  He notes that "there is a veritable cottage industry for singing the praises of Orwell. In these tributes Orwell is celebrated as a uniquely independent thinker and a "habitual dissident," who just happened to be a socialist until his last day on Earth", and that's the problem.  In spite of all the disasters he personally saw that sort of "converted" him, he remained a socialist until he died.


For years I've been saying to be a leftist is to have a mental disorder.  What I find over and over again are those who were once solid leftists and then became "conservatives" always..... always...... fail to cut that cord entirely.  There are just some things they refuse to accept. 

That became clear to me when Diana West's book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, came out and was initially praised by Front Page editor and conservative writer David Horowitz.  Praised initially until his buddy and historian Ronald Radosh (both former Marxists) came out and criticized the book by ridiculing her and condemning her work publicly.  This caused a fire storm she not only weathered, but was vindicated by people who were in the know at the time, including a former Russian general.  This event exposed the both of them for still being contaminated with red measles. 

What was their bone of contention? 

It was clear from all the evidence she gathered you could only draw one conclusion about Franklin Delano Roosevelt - he was a traitor who surrounded himself with traitors and filled the federal government with traitors. And their intellectual and ideological progeny still infest government right now.  We call them the Deep State, but make no mistake about this.  They're leftists, and traitors.  

As for all these former Marxists, they're more than happy to say FDR's policies were wrong, but they just can't take the next obvious step and call him what he was. A Traitor!

To be a leftist is to be mentally disordered, and that disorder isn't easily cured. In some way in the back of their minds they keep thinking socialism has only failed because the wrong people were in charge. We have 225 years of history to show that kind of thinking is insane

As the author notes: "Orwell decided against democracy when he opted for socialism.  But there is no reason to believe that socialist programs are "undemocratic" if a majority votes for those who favor such programs."

When a nation has socialism imposed on them, or chooses to impose it on themselves via a democratic vote, as America has been doing for decades,  it leads to the socialism's invertible tyranny.  Socialism is antithetical to individual rights.  How can a political philosophy foundationally and intellectually opposed to individual rights be anything less than tyrannical?  How can anyone think otherwise unless they're insane?

Can you "Feel the Bern"?

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