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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump's 5 Rules for Ruling the World

Trump isn’t reacting to the world. The world is reacting to him.

June 15, 2018 Daniel Greenfield

Politics has a way of turning everything upside down.  Flit over to Twitter and the same government media echo chamber that was loudly defending the Iran deal is concern trolling about strong inspections of North Korea’s nuclear program and worrying that President Trump’s suspension of military exercises is far too great of a concession to the tiny tyrant.

The clever ones ask, “What’s the difference between the Iran deal and the North Korean negotiations”? Isn’t Trump’s stated willingness to meet with dictators a lot like Obama’s no preconditions pledge?

And then there are the trade wars. What is he thinking by upsetting the Chinese and the Europeans?............

On the global stage, President Trump has forced North Korea, China, Europe and Canada to react to him. He’s trying everything. He’s creating chaos. He’s hiding his hand and he’s winning.

The media shouts that Trump is isolated. If he were isolated, the world wouldn’t be revolving around him. The world doesn’t stop when Putin or China’s Jinping issue a statement. But a single Trump tweet can upend the priorities of international diplomacy for days, weeks and even months.......To Read More....

My Take - The fact of the matter is we don't need them - they need us, something neither of the Bushs, Clinton, Nixon, Carter and definitely Obama never understood - or if they did - they didn't care.  And now we're seeing a surge in America's economy for a number of reasons put into place by Trump, including dumping economy strangling regulations.  We need to get this.  The American economy is the only real capital generating system in the world.  Turned loose from unnecessary taxes and regulation it becomes a force of nature.  Trump understands that!  He also understands the left is treasonous down to it's core, and would love nothing better than to see this nation's economy collapse and see the Constitution destroyed.  Then they could "legally" take over the nation and turn America into Venezuela, Russia, China or any other of the tyrannies of the left.

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