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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Anthony Bourdain—What the Media Eulogies Left Out

Humberto Fontova | Posted: Jun 16, 2018
“She (Paula Deen) revels in unholy connections with evil corporations….she’s unconscionable, cynical, and greedy.” (Anthony Bourdain, April 2012.) “Ultra-hipster” Bourdain specialized in snarking at travel and food-writers who “crassly commercialized” their reviews: such as in "The World's 50 Best List." "The guys who put together that list all call each other and horse trade. It's good for business, it's good for chefs, but I mean, no one takes it seriously. It's not even a popularity contest, it is a list brokered by a lot of people with common interests. They're in the business." In brief, Antony Bourdain wore his “anti-corporate hipness” on his shirtsleeve, always smirking and snarking that “evil corporations” and “crass commercialism” repelled him. ............. But just let these identical paragons of "feistiness" cross the Florida Straits and find themselves in front of "President" Castro or any of his apparatchiks—and suddenly he’s Eddie Haskell addressing June Cleaver. ........To Read More....

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