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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The hard left is all that's left

'There is only 1 solution to Marxism in America'

Craige McMillan

For most of my life, I’ve given those on the political left the benefit of the doubt. I assumed that they sincerely wanted to solve the problems that plagued the world: poverty, disease, education and so on. Over the last 10 years, I’ve decided that’s no longer true. There are fewer and fewer areas where we have any common ground. If a policy doesn’t further the left’s cause du jour, they oppose it............It’s when we touch on crime, however, that the left reveals itself. Let’s start with immigration. The left seems incapable of understanding that someone who arrives here illegally – they bypassed our borders and laws for becoming a citizen – is already a criminal. They don’t have to commit crimes against American citizens before they are guilty. They are guilty for entering the country illegally.........What a disgusting, dangerous and disgraceful world the left has produced! As the Department of Justice inspector general’s report indicates, they sought to use their power to prevent a Trump victory in 2016. When that proved impossible, they used the FBI to set the incoming president up for destruction. ............ Read more

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